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Workshop Pricelist

HandleBar Workshop 2022


SAFETY SERVICE/Mini Service £30


Bike checked for overall safety – including frame damage, headset play, tire tread wear, chain wear, brake wear, bearings wear etc

Brakes tightened and gears adjusted to operate as best they can without undertaking a full servicing

All screws and nuts checked

Tyres inflated to correct pressure 

Chain and moving parts lubed


Service £60 


Includes all features of the Safety Service with the addition of:


External adjustment to headset, hubs

Brakes aligned, and set to correct position and pull tension

Rim brake pads included if worn

Rear dérailleur & chain degreased, cleaned in our heated sonic cleaner, then are refit & lubed

Front and rear dérailleur aligned & indexed to change gears precisely

Inspect transmission system and bearings for wear

Essential Wheel spoke tension and alignment checked and made true


All bikes are test ridden



Strip down service £100 (£120 for hydraulic)


Includes all features of the Service with the addition of:


Headset and drive train removed, cleaned, rebuilt, regreased and reinstalled

All serviceable bearings removed, cleaned, regreased and reinserted

Cables cut and replaced with new brake and gear cables

Wheel hubs and bottom bracket serviced


Excessively dirty bikes will be charged extra for cleaning




Tyre fitting charge £7 (tyre or innertube not included)

Inner tube replacement £12 (standard wheel)

Inner tube replacement £20 (wheel with internal gears, electric motor or bike with full chain cover)

Inner tube replacement £25 ( electric scooters )

Front wheel hub service £15

Rear wheel hub service £18

Wheel truing from £12

Standard wheel fitting: front £7, rear £12

Wheel with disc brakes fitting: front £10, rear £15

Wheel build from £25 ( excluding parts )




Rim brakes service £35 (including cleaning, new cables and brake pads)

Hydraulic brake bleeding £20 (each)

Brake cables fitting from £15 (both)

Rim brake pads fitting £10 (both, excluding pads)

Disc brake pads fitting £10 (each, including cleaning and adjustments)




Gear service (new gear cables fitting and tuning) £35

Front or rear derailleur installation £20

Shifter installation charge £15

Gears adjustments £15




Bottom bracket fitting £25

Bottom bracket with cotter pins fitting or service £35

Bottom bracket service £25


Chain fitting £8

Chainset installation £15

Cassette and chain fitting £20

Drivetrain cleaning and oiling from £12


Cassette/freewheel replacement charge £12




Adults bike - £30

Kids bike - £20

Unusual bikes like tricycles, recumbent bikes , cargo bikes, tandems, E bikes etc. will be decided and priced with the customer



Full length mudguards £12

Pannier rack fitting £8

Pedals fitting £5

Plastic basic mudguards fitting £5

Bike computer fitting £10

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