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Punk Spirit

With nowhere near enough of a budget to be able to open a business of this size.

Not backed by a brewery, rich family or having a portfolio of other bars to fall back on, or any experience at all in the hospitality industry for that matter. 


We've stuck to the punk mantra of "do it yourself."

That spirit of ignoring people that tell you that you can't do something, that you're crazy, and instead going for it, figuring things out as we go, winging it and making a little bit of money go a long way by working ridiculously hard and being creative in solving problems.

From where we started, with a long abandoned, derelict building, we learned how to be a joiner, roofer, electrician, plumber and painter and decorator, and after a 9 month struggle, we finally got the bar open in 2022, although with only the downstairs part of the venue being able to be used at first.

From there, each semester we'd upgrade and renovate another part of the venue, getting a little larger and a little better looking each time.

People that visited the bar early on stuck with us along the way, helping, supporting and buying enough drinks to make sure we could keep the lights on.


The result is a unique venue with a genuine community, free of dickheads, and full of kind, creative, and cool people, which has grown with us along the way.

Because of believing in the punk way of approaching things, we do things differently.

Money doesn't matter as much being good people and legit as fuck.

We don't put up with people looking down on other people because they look or act "differently", we don't tolerate bigots, knuckle draggers or entitled people.

If you're a dickhead, you'll get told so and be asked to leave - we even have it written on our welcome sign!

Primo Drinks


Although it makes things much more difficult financially for a small business, from the start we've had a strong commitment to being supplied by independent, local businesses, and to serving only the best, premium (PRIMO) products available. 


From craft beers & cocktails, to our brunch, small batch speciality coffee and baked goods

(including Vegan and Gluten free!)


Suppliers: Long Boi's Bakehouse, Holy Grain Sourdough, Swan Song Coffee Roasters, Pomona Island Brewing Company, Partington Pots

We don't serve pouch mix or premade cocktails and throw some fruit and herbs on top to trick you into thinking you've bought a properly made cocktail.

We make everything to order, with pure juices and well known alcohol brands.

We don't cut corners and treat you like dummies. We only serve the best products available. Simple.

Yet we still have the best drinks deals in the area, which for a small business in a sea of chain and "hospitality groups" is incredible.

We’re not like everybody else.

One owner, one premises, one unique venue & community.

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